Bishop Christopher Asir so far, has been only in the habit of selling or leasing out church property with an eye on personal gains.  This time, he has gone one step farther.  Without telling anybody, he has pledged CSI votes of Madurai-Ramnad diocese to Jaya, for a price.  In promising these votes, he has played the old fashioned satrap, treating the subscribing members of the church to be poor tenants, living on his grandfather’s estate.

            We hear that on 4th April, 30 odd cassock clad junior monks of CSI, led by senior padres Rev. Dassaiyan, Rev. Richard, Rev. Devadoss, Rev. Yaukobu et.al., performed a special monk-e-trick in Sangam Hotel, before the venerable Amma.  They sang the chorus “all the CSI votes of our dioceses are for you, dear Amma. Amma  Amma the victorious one”.  The circus as usual was orchestrated by Asir’s all-weather man Fernandes Ratnaraja, AIADMK cardholding diocesan treasurer, Mahendran and shining-star son, Joel.  Amma was earlier informed that Joel would join AIADMK with 3000 Christian youth.  By 11:30 A.M. Joel could procure only a hundred, and 2900 were yet to arrive.

            Amma was unusually polite, this time.  She crisply thanked the monks for their pledging of votes and the very Christian prayer Rev. K.K.Devadoss offered.  It was two hours wait in all, and 5 miniutes performance.  Then the motley band marched to Bishop’s residence.  Each member was given Rs.500.   They also collected their briyani packets.  As told, they fanned into the Christian crowd and started spreading the rumour “Ayya has made arrangements with Amma and he will get back American College”.  This has upset a few gullible.

            This time, I am not angry about ayya, the Bishop.  Infact, my sympathies are with him for his political naiveté.  I shall deal this separately.  But the amusement I have been having all along about the monks and their usual monk-e-tricks has turned into anger.  These are people who call themselves as ministers of congregations and shepherds of the Christian folk.  The Bishop has after all converted them into small time minions.   At his behest, they tell lies, spread rumours, lead smear campaigns, spread communal and caste hatred, assemble in odd public places for rallies and if necessary for rioting and file false affidavits in police stations and law courts.  Even though they do not publicly fall postrate before powerful politicians, however indulge in such theatricals as any one would caricature them as simple minded buffoons.  Now, a cassock is important for them in public.  If the Bishop orders that they should come in cassock, then it means that they have some work in the police station or the court.  God bless!

            Many of the pastors when confronted, confess privately that they know what they do, are wrong.  They all say that they cannot stand up and speak to the Bishop.  They willfully do all these personally disgraceful things only in order to survive.  Constant intimidation by the Bishop and his men has psychologically and spiritually ruined them.  A regular church goer once commented, “their souls are already petrified and their lives are sleepwalks in the corridors of the church.  They are not certainly aware of what they are doing”.  We always take pity on them and even tolerate them as being helpless men of God.   This tolerance and goodwill of the congregation, the pastors have grossly misunderstood.  They are becoming increasingly mischievous.  The moment they see the Bishop, their egos suffer certain flatulence that they instantly take different avatars.
            Going over to Sangam Hotel to meet Amma and pledge the congregations’ votes without their consent, was too much.  It amounts to cheating.  The irony is that these sleep-walkers of the church while they beg for permission from the Bishop to even scratch their itching bottom, had no hesitation in appropriating the democratic rights of others.  Before entering into the electoral politics, these monks must unite and apply their mind to fight the tyranny of the Bishop and get back their freedom, dignity and independence worthy of ministers.  Why do they commit petty crimes violating the poll law and model code of conduct?  They for instance do not realize that by taking Rs.500/- and a briyani packet, have acted as paid agents for the candidates contesting elections.  Whose money the Bishop distributed to the pastors and for what?  (One pastor afterall confessed that the money came from none other than O.Paneerselvam).  It is not too late for some one to send a complaint to the officials.  Pastors beware!
-- by Scorpius


Anonymous said...

CSI bishop Asir now has to prostrate before the DMK chief! Again he has pledged back the CSI Christian votes to DMK. Why all these? Christians community should know that he is playing these monkey tricks to achieve his personal goals - to grab American College property, to gain 'immunity' to his illegal land dealings, to save all the 'illegal' wealth he has acquired so far.
Poor monks...

தருமி said...

monks are really good in "monk-e-trick"

when the junior 'monk(..)s' have gone on their kneels to 'mummy' the senior monk(..) has gone in full speed to 'ayya' pledging their support (??).
we know pretty well the political giants cannot be hoodwinked like the poor pastorates!

ஆக, இப்போ C.S.I.யாருக்கு ஆதரவு தருது. நிச்சயமா கிறித்துவ மக்களுக்கு அல்ல .. ‘கடவுளுக்கே’ வெளிச்சம்!!

தருமி said...

//If the Bishop orders that they should come in cassock, then it means that they have some work in the police station or the court//

for all the service of these 'small time minions' they should be given at least '30 silver coins' and not just a 'Rs.500 and briyani packets'.

தருமி said...


Dear Dharumi, This is for the blog.


Both the Ayyah and his ever-obedient errand-boys have really gone mad. Otherwise, how could they think that they represent the Christian community? Let them sing and dance; let them eat and drink; let them sleep and snore.. Let them do whatever they want to do.

But, let them realise that the day of reckoning is coming .... and is coming soon.

D,Samuel Lawrence

RP said...

Dharumi, why do you insult Judas by mentioning the ‘30 silvers’ in this context? What parallel can we draw between these “minions” who will do any shameless thing for small benefits and the nationalist who aspired to liberate his people from the foreign yoke?

Anonymous said...

Jesus is coming soon. He has the end for every act of human. Everybody should realize it.

Rasputin said...

I regret seeing politicians getting involved in educational issues.
The situation looks very unpleasant i hope we get a long lasting solution to this problem.

Jasper said...

If someone is asked to pick up the odd one

Above three buys vote with biriyani packets and money.

Another sect for a cause...