Yesterday the 6th of April was Bishop Asir’s day out in Madurai.  He made big news too.  He met Chief Minister Karunanidhi who was campaigning at Madurai and declared his support to DMK.  He also urged all the CSI Christians to vote for DMK.

            This was certainly a surprise.  Only two days ago he made all eye-brows raise. He sent a group of cassock clad CSI monks to perform acrobatics before Jayalalitha in an attempt to lay a new foundation to his brand of minority politics.  All of us know that Asir used to unabashedly swear in the name of  Thaliavar Kalaingar, Thazhapathi Stalin and Annan Alagiri.  Many appreciated Asir’s overture to Jaya as a well calculated move  riding the anti-incumbency wave.

            When Asir went on his reverse gear and reached Karunanidhi, a few confused Christian souls called me and wondered whether American College was part of the deal for Asir to come back to DMK.  Another one sounded so awestruck and believed the story that the Big Man of Madurai himself had to go to Dental College to coax for hours the arch priest to come back.  I will tell you later what really happened.  Now, let us try to fix Asir in place.

            In Madurai, especially in the Christian circle, people read too much into everything the Bishop does.  They have long forgotten their good smiles and exuberant jokes.  Even an involuntary splitting-of-wind due to a bad stomach, is heard only as a mighty roar of this Lion of Madurai Ramnad Diocese.  It is all the haunting fear now, which makes the Christian crowd misperceive.

Unlike other charitable Bishops of CSI, Asir with impunity has built a Christian samastan of his own.  With  majority of Christians dependent on church-based employment, many thousand crores worth of estate, hundreds of educational and other service institutions with vast social and economic tentacles and millions of rupees in monthly income, it is easy for any unscrupulous bishop to turn the church  into a fiefdom.  And he can become its tin-top dictator.  It is a painful paradox that with six decades of freedom in India and constitutional guarantee of Minority Rights, the CSI church is returning to its medievalism.

Once a Chairman of State Minorities Commission told me with a sardonic tinge “Minorities mean people in different kinds of robes and stoles and not ye the faithful”.  While the Minority Rights have only empowered the leaders, they have enslaved the ordinary citizen-Christians.  The political parties have further alienated the ordinary citizen-Christians by going behind these unscrupulous leaders of the Church for the sake of short term gains and money.

Today, a Bishop of CSI Diocese can rule his constituency like a medieval bigot with three elements:  1. money 2.muscle 3.right alliance with powerful politicians.  Many police complaints and court cases have provided indications of how Asir makes money.  Less said the better about the corruption involved in appointments and transfers.  His muscle power has acquired a new patent and brand name after the dastardly acts he orchestrated in American College.

Now, the political alliance.  Asir’s political zigzag infact is a costly mistake for him. The whole world knows how he was patronized by DMK leaders throughout his career, of course for a price.  But the idea of riding the Jaya wave came primarily due to his larger than life-size political image which he started believing in.  Thanks to sycophants, the afraid and the demoralized who for their own psychological reasons created the monster image of Christopher Asir.  This monster image of Asir, then acquired a life of its own and started walking freely, of course creating fear over the city.  Ironically Bishop Asir himself started believing in this MONSTER OF HIMSELF which was not he.  He unfortunately forgot himself. (Some analysts say that it is the usual syndrome of the final hour of any dictator).  No wonder he challenged the mighty leaders of DMK. 

Now let me tell you what happened on Asir’s day out.  The peeved DMK leadership only arranged for a steam-bath for Asir.  He in no time presented himself before Karunanidhi, ofcourse properly escorted.  What an embarrassment to dear athan Ezra Sargunam who cradled this country cousin in the DMK circle.

Before I close, I must also express my sympathies to both DMK and AIADMK  for wasting their energy on Asir.  As we all know, Asir commands no Christian vote.  Not even his son’s. Son says he has joined AIADMK and is busy procuring the remaining 2900 of the 3000 youth he failed to bring before Jaya, the other day.  Reliable sources say that he was already given an oil-bath by the DMK youth wing and is presently absconding.

08.04.2011                                                                              SCORPIUS



தருமி said...

//Reliable sources say that he was already given an oil-bath by the DMK youth wing and is presently absconding. //

oil-bath is very good, they say. what they add, it has to be given quite often!

Anonymous said...

Source say that the ailing 'danger diabolic' Asir was summoned and literally lifted-off from his bed.
I enjoyed reading article with subtle ridicule on the plight of DMR CSI Christians under Asir regime.
Looking forward for more..
Kanna.. ennum oru luddu thinga aasai...

Anonymous said...

பேராயருக்கு “நீராவிக்குளியல்” அவரது மகனுக்கு “எண்ணைக் குளியல்” அருமை.
கேட்ட நமக்கே இவ்வளவு சந்தோஷமுனா, குளுப்பாட்டுனவங்களுக்கு எவ்வளவு சந்தோஷமா
. . . இருந்திருக்கும்...

Anonymous said...

Dear Scorpius,
Whoever you are, you should be writing more.

Anonymous said...

next ASIR(fraud) coming up at Good samaritan church in the name of Rev.Muthiah..He is eating Kadai fry every week in the church along with some of his gang in the offetry money.
he informs only 50% of the offetry counted in secrecy with his gang.rest of the money is being pocketed.
he boasts that he has all the qualifications to become the next bishop.Madurai guys please verify and do some thing about this.

Anonymous said...

muthiah devanesan - next bishop candidate - pucka fraud - coming up more news about him soon - stealing church money - eating kadai fry and biriani in offetry money every week shamelessly,-

Anonymous said...

you want to know who is this MUTHIAH....walk to good samaritan church ,madurai on a sunday at around 10.30 am,,you will find him and his gang eating Kadai fry with biriani in the church itself out of the money stolen from the offetry just collected...he is bishops right hand..he calls himself so,,,he tells every body that asir asks for mamool every month from the churches....

P Moses P said...

I'm an alumni of the American College who is presently residing in Bangalore. I do not have a lot of info, except the few bits and pieces I hear from friends, regarding the present plight of the esteemed institution I studied in. I discovered your blog today and the sequence of events as I read through them bring tears to my eyes. Looks like someone will have to step up and take a stand.